Saturday, May 16, 2009

I have the power...

Sorry to be out of touch for so long.  Modern technology is great, but without power, it's just extra (useless) weight in your pack!  My cell phone battery died the day after I got dropped in the woods!  And to make matters worse--my camera batteries died, too.  I do pack spare AA batteries but somewhere in the packing process, one of the batteries must have fallen out.  One battery isn't enough.  

Anyway, this has been a great section.  I'll take the next couple of days to fill in some of the details for those who are interested.  

I was hoping to be out on the Trail for another week but I am taking my own advice.  Many of you have heard me say this over and over again:  Listen to your body!

And my legs are saying, "That is far enough...."

The good news is; I didn't pull anything this time out.  I did occasionally feel some cramping coming on, but after stopping, resting (and massaging!) I could continue on.

I have found that I actually enjoy hiking in the rain.  There is something mesmerizing about it, but the slipping/sliding is not good for the leg.  So it was careful baby steps and a very short walk on that rainy day.

The next day was a little slippery to start but improved as the sun came up and dried things out.

Realistically, I could have done another day (or maybe two) but not much more... When the opportunity for a ride came up-- I took it.

Speaking of opportunities, I have been presented with a business opportunity which I will post as soon as the details are worked out and it's a "done deal."

So, check back over the next few days to read about some Trail Flavor.  We'll probably start with the basics.  Topics like:  "Following the White Blaze," "Trail Angels" and "Tools of the Trade."  

I will be spending the rest of the day unpacking, doing laundry and taking about ten showers.

Peace and Love,

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