Sunday, March 8, 2009

Uncle Nick's Send Off

On Sunday (March 8th)  I got to spend some very valuable quality time with my niece and.nephews. Sadly,I don't get to visit with them often enough.  As a BONUS, all four of my sisters were there (with their spouses.)  It was a mini-reunion!  

Our adventure brought us to Nashua, NH where we got to do some SKYDIVING (sort of.) That's the indoor version, at a place called Sky Venture NH. You can check out their website at (I highly recommend it!) My family is the "fun loving" kind.  Meaning we've been "asked" to leave a place or two. But the Sky Venture folks encouraged us to have fun right from the start! Here are some photos of the day:

These pictures are:  
Ryder surviving the "Tickle Machine" (Mike and Nick) 
Group shot in our flight gear
Ryder taking a pre-flight lesson with Uncle Shawn
Me in action... flying like a pro!
And Mandi with our Sky Venture coach (Jason)  Note:  in this picture his hair is white--- but when we arrived I'm sure it was brown... the good news is, he didn't quit his job and he survived my family.  

Again I have to make note that the whole Sky Venture Crew (including two flight instructors, a photographer, a videographer, and the two reception desk staff) all were a part of a great day.  I think that this will soon become part of a "Family Tradition"  (assuming that we don't get kicked out!)  

To see more photos of our day, go to -- click on "multimedia" and then  on "photo gallery."  Then go to 3/8/2009 and find the 4:30 flight time.  Enjoy!

Peace and Love,

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  1. "Asked" to leave. Hmmm, yes that is what we will go with. hahaha

    This site is great. Be safe. Hope you are having fun in DC. Mandi and I are heading back to reality tonight. We were able to see everyone but Aunt Rosie. I will email you pictures.

    Love you!