Thursday, March 26, 2009

More photos...

Here are a few more photos....  Enjoy!

This tour bus was how we got around town in D.C.  It was a bargain...  and very clean and efficient.  Also a great way to find things that are not on the scheduled tour stops!  The Metro was pretty clean, too, but it's underground and you can't see other things along the way.
This is the "Hiker Hostel."  From what I understand... the other hostels along the AT are not nearly as nice as this.  Josh and Leigh are great hosts and I would suggest a stay here just as a getaway...  Next time you are in GA, look them up.
This photo and the next are the infamous shots that took me off the Trail just before I stepped on the loose rock that took me down.
Was it worth it?  (We'll find out in a couple weeks when I'm back out there....)

This is me on the hammock back at the Hiker Hostel -- the beginning of a day of contemplation and planning adjustment (and some psychological rehab!)  This is where I decided to "Section Hike" rather than try the "Thru-Hike" again right away.  

I have a lot more photos... but I'll try to set them up somewhere to make them easier to look at and possibly download too!  

I just returned from NH where a friend is building a retreat.  The property is beautiful and when it is finished it will be amazing.  It is a quiet, healing space in the mountains near the Canadian border.  

Next stop is NYC.  Not so quiet I'm sure... but I haven't been in a long time and have been meaning to get back there.  So now that I have some down time... I thought I would make the visit.  

As a side trip from NYC I'll head into Jersey for a day...  My friend in NY did some work on a film that is "Premiering" at the Garden State Film Festival.   That should be fun and interesting!  

The leg is doing fine for now...  No limp.  I'm walking OK.  But I will definitely strengthen some more before trying to walk with the 40 pound pack...  

I'll post again soon.
Peace and Love,

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